08 April 2011


The light is finally back for real, and I enjoy every bit of it. Photographing was almost impossible this winter, the lack of daylight and the bright white snow is a tricky combination. At least when it comes to taking photos of knitted items (which I find quite difficult even in the best light condition).

My husband lost his garf, and searched all over town before he told me, cute thing. I'm making him something new. And I don't mind, really. He likes my knitted gifts, so I like knitting for him. And working with men's wear is always a thrill. Seams like it'll be a cowl of some sort this time. Violet. I think it'll look good on him. At least better than the skiing cowl he's been wearing as a garf substitute the last few weeks.

The photo? Well, it's my dirt. Come spring, come dirty windows..


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your post showing what you've made for him!

skb said...

Så kjekt med ein mann som liker strikkating.... og lilla... :D