25 April 2011

Easter holiday

Last day of the Easter holiday today. It's been so great! We've stayed at home, enjoying long, lazy, sunny days. Reading for hours in bikini on the terrace, watching the tulip leaves grow, eating pancakes in the woods, fresh baked bread for lunch, fish on the grill, working (is there a better word?) in the garden, running, the kids playing, great people visiting, white wine with boyfriend in the evenings, knitting. I can't think of a better way to spend a vacation. And it has actually been sunny every day. The warmest April ever. Love it!


dw said...

I would suggest: "playing" in the garden. "Work" sounds so serious!

Tora said...

I guess "playing" sounds better. Yet if I wrote that, even if that was what I was doing, it wouldn't mean the same, would it?

Fuglemamma said...

Høres ut som en virkelig deilig påske. Jeg skjønner at dere bor lenger sør enn jeg gjør;-) Min engelske venninne pleier å bruke "gardening" som begrep om hagearbeid.