20 September 2010


Last week was kind of swoosh! over, since it actually started on Tuesday for the four of us. And besides, it took a few days for the brain to realize we were back home after our little trip away from home. Now it's obvious, everyday life has once again begun, and as much as I usually like our ordinary life, I can't help but looking back at the trip to Copenhagen, and longing for the lazy (well, we did walk a lot, but lazy still) holiday feeling we had there. Sometimes life feels like being on a highway, and I find myself desperately seeking an alternative route. A path like that of yesterday would be great, that's how I want my life to feel like.

On Monday, we went shopping and caféing (if that's not a word, it should be!) in a part of the city called Vesterbro. Walking all of Istedgade, we found so many lovely, small shops and laid back cafés. We had lunch on Cafe Bang & Jensen (the two photos to the left above are from this café), and I think I had the best meal on the trip. Sandwich with Serrano ham, semi dried tomatoes (similar to the ones I made a few weeks ago) and pesto. Go there, if you're in the neighborhood.

I found a lot of inspiration in Copenhagen, from streetwear to the texture of walls. I tried to capture it all, you can see that on the picture below, can't you, how I'm concentrating to keep it all from disappearing? This little café was a really nice place for having a croissant and a coffee. And for reading, writing, drawing or just plain relaxing. I don't remember its name, but it was one of the many really relaxed places in that street (ETA: According to Julie and Anja, we visited Riccos. Thanks, girls!). I liked that wall behind me, by the way - the same wall as that behind my husband on the top right photo. I'd like to knit something like it one day.


Anja said...

Of course, you could move here and do all your knitting business from Copenhagen :) The café looks like Riccos, maybe? Although I don't get out that much anymore with a 2 1/2 year old in the house :)

Julie said...

Jeg elsker også Vesterbro og er så heldig, at jeg både bor og arbejder hér. Jeg håber, at I fik mulighed for at se nogle af de fantastiske gårdmiljøer, som ligger som små grønne oaser på hele Vesterbro? Ellers må du sige til, så giver jeg Jer gerne the grand tour næste gang, I er i KBH.

Det er i øvrigt Riccos på det nederste billede:-)

Mange hilsner

Tora said...

Anja, I strongly suspect this is more a holiday-everyday matter than it is Denmark-Norway related. I would guess you're living just busy lives in Denmark as we do here..

Julie, du er heldig, Vesterbro var et deilig sted! Og jeg takker gjerne ja til guidet tur neste gang. Det gikk omtrent 15 år mellom denne gangen og den forrige, men jeg har ingen planer om å la det gå så lang tid igjen..

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and that you 2 had such a great time Tora!

Now... seriously waiting for more of your wonderful designs...

life in yonder said...

Copenhagen isin the air... Must go back soon too.