15 September 2010

A room with a view

And not any view: Copenhagen! Taken from the hotel room, high above the streets. A lovely weekend has ended. Long walks, hand in hand, kissing, enjoying the company, just the two of us. In love. Again. And we liked the Danish city. Liked the streets, the houses, the bicycles, the long lunches, the art, the shops, the music.

We usually put a lot of effort in finding great places to eat, we have a common passion for food. And we did go to one great sushi restaurant, Umami, on Friday. It was such a cool place, and the sushi was excellent! But other than that, we didn't eat on the fancy restaurants. We had other plans for the weekend, so the dinners were mostly about feeding.

On Saturday, we went to a jazz concert with Chris Cheek and Jacob Bro Trio on Copenhagen Jazzhouse. It was so great! A lovely place, lots of people enjoying themselves, and great music. But most importantly, we loved being on a jazz concert together, it's been too long since last time we did that. And we did it again. On Sunday, we went to the jam session on La Fontaine. It was crowded and so much fun! And a fantastic drummer showed up. I don't remember his name, but he was amazing! Made my evening perfect.

More about the rest some other time. I got so many ideas while in Copenhagen. Need to put some of them into knitting.


Siga said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you enjoyed your time out.

life in yonder said...

Sounds like the perfect week end!

Anja said...

Glad you had a lovely stay in our city! Next time you come, you could try Montmartre - another jazz club, sai to have good food too (although I haven't been - we don't get out much together w/a small kid in the house :) Chris Cheek is great, isn't he!

Tora said...

Thank you Siga.

Anne M, it was. I love being with the kids, but being twosome from time to time is wonderful!

Anja, Copenhagen was so great! And I'll remember to check out Montmartre next time, thanks! We really liked Chris Cheek, but most of all, I liked Anders Christensen - he played the bass wonderfully!

Anja said...

Anders Christensen vet jeg ikke hvem er, men skal rapportere til min saksofonist-mann :) Oppdaget akkurat at jeg har sagt i 2 kommentarer etter hverandre at jeg ikke går så mye ut for tida. Lurer på om jeg ikke lengter ut litt ;)

Tora said...

Anja, det spørs om du ikke snart skulle alliere deg med noen som kan passe barn mens du hygger deg litt, det er deilig, du vet..