29 September 2010

Elle melle

Two new designs are available in the store! First, a cardigan for my daughter. Many of you have asked me to design an Angle cardigan in kids' sizes, and I have been reluctant to do so. Mainly because I think the design looks best on smaller (boxier shaped) kids, but also because I think it would serve only as a dress up garment, not so suitable for play. And kids are meant to play, in my opinion, so I'll always try to design garments in agreement with that.

Elle melle is the compromise. I took the squishy ridges from Angle, added stockinette stitch sleeves, and got a functional cardigan with an interesting construction (visible for the knitting nerds only, I'd guess) and a look that I liked. The stockinette sleeves was imperative, both for gaining the look I was after, and to make sure that movement was possible, even when worn under a jacket.

"Elle melle
deg fortelle
skipet går
ut i år
rygg i rand
to i spann
snipp, snapp, snute
du er ute"

(Norwegian counting rhyme)

Figuring out how to add single colored sleeves without having to do any seaming (that's an imperative, too. I don't like seams in my knitted garments) or complicated intarsia knitting took some time. The solution was to work the cardigan modularly, to combine well known techniques in a (to me, at least) new way. The body of the cardigan is worked from the bottom up, then sts are picked up around the sleeve opening, and the sleeves are worked from the top down using short rows. I had a lot of fun working the sleeves, seeing them take shape as I worked them (it sounds silly, I know, but that was how I felt). And I thing the resulting smooth raglanish line is pretty. Learned something new from this project. Like that!

Elle melle [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Elle melle (Elle melle på norsk) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 6 years
Needles: 3.5 mm and 3.0 mm
Yarn: Hifa Ask, 130 g of each color (6079 violet and 6096 orange)


life in yonder said...

It looks good and comfy! Thats a winner in my book.

torirot said...

Kjempefin! Og herlige farger du har valgt :-)

Nanna said...

Hvor er den flot. Den bliver jeg vist nødt til at strikke....

På dansk kender vi i øvrigt også rimet - om end med lidt andre ord. Det starter sådan her:
Ælle, bælle mig fortælle.
Skibet går til Åbenrå...

Mette said...

Ein ny vinnar! No er det løp og kjøp på Ravelry :-)


Oh, what a clever design!
So simple yet so interesting, and pretty too. I really like it!

Birgitte said...

Sikke et skønt design! Rigtigt gode detaljer - og fine farver, du har valgt!

Siena said...

Wonderful design, I love it!

Medea said...

Ooh it's wonderful! Want one myself. =D

skb said...

Flott jakke! Den passar perfekt til toåringen min som heiter Elle :)

Tora said...

Thank you for the sweetest comments! My daughter and husband helped me choose colors this time, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Girly without being too cute.

smileull said...

Rett og slett en utrolig lekker jakke! Nydelig fargekombo også. :)

min-design-strikk said...

flotters elle melle jakke :)