20 August 2010


It feels like this little butterfly and its cousins, aunts and uncles have all moved into my stomach. The Murakami festival starts today, and I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

Happy for you Tora!

It must be really exciting to have a festival of a favourite author in your own town. He was really into art, and not just writing, wasn't he? And being the owner of a jazz bar in Tokyo... I mean, how cool is that?

Have fun during the festival and please share your experience and feelings!

I would love to start reading his books. Any recommendation of a good first novel to start with?



I hope you enjoyed the festival, Tora!
I always wanted to write back to you, answering that comment of yours, ages ago, writing about Murakami... it was A Wild Sheep Chase which made me want to go to Hokkaido. And I guess it made me see it with different eyes.
I love Murakami's books!

Tora said...

Maria, I love all his books. If you like love stories, read Norwegian Wood, it's beautiful! If you like strange, read A Wild Sheep Chase. That was my first.

Alex, thank you for writing to me. I did envy your trip to Hokkaido, and I can imagine it was quite an experience after reading about the sheep.. I'd really like to go to Japan some time. And I did enjoy the festival. A lot.