27 August 2010

The Sheep Man

Thank you all for the response on the last post (seems like people prefer reading about Murakami over knitting..). And I am a fan, so I won't let the subject go just yet. But this is after all a knitting blog, so while I'll try answering the questions from the last post today, I also want to show you this knitted sheep once more. Some of you might remember I made Murakami mitts a while ago, to some friends of mine (the same two friends with whom I enjoyed the festival - without the mitts, though, it's August!). This was right after I'd read A Wild Sheep Chase, my very first Murakami novel - or rather the first Murakami anything. I loved that book, and couldn't just let it go. So I made the mitts. The pattern on the palm is champagne bubbles, because someone once said reading Murakami was like drinking champagne. And it is, only better, because the Murakami bubbles last longer. I haven't made myself a pair yet, but I know what to "write" on them. I'm just waiting for the time and inspiration to knit them.

So, the Sheep Man appear in A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance, Dance, Dance. Someone says the latter is a sequel to the first, and it sort of is, too. But don't expect to get any answers to the thousands of questions from A Wild Sheep Chase. I read Dance, Dance, Dance looking for answers, and I think I'd enjoyed the book a lot more if I hadn't. The book stands on its own feet, and it's beautiful! I will certainly re-read it in a while, without any other expectation than finding beauty and bubbles.

Some of you asked if he's popular in Norway. He is, but it's not like everyone has read his books or even heard about him. I know a lot of people who haven't. They have heard about him now, though, after listening to me for some days.. But he is popular enough that the 250 tickets for the live show sold out in 1 second and made the computer system managing the tickets break down. And then a few hundreds more got tickets for watching him on screen, but those tickets sold out pretty fast, too.

Haruki Murakami didn't tell us what he's currently working on, and I don't think anyone thought of asking about it either. I guess we were all too busy waiting for the Norwegian translation of 1Q84 and its 1500 pages. And since Murakami insists on Volume 1 and 2 being read as one, the translation of both has to be completed before we can even start. I'll be so ready when they're available!

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