07 August 2010


It seems like autumn is here already, at least if you ask the chanterelles. Yes, I know there are mushrooms in summer, but to me they say it's already - or at least soon to be - autumn. I think it's my favorite autumn happening, the mushroom hunting. I love being in the woods with a purpose, and the purpose of finding delicious mushrooms to be had for dinner is the best of them all. We found a lot today. And we made chanterelle pizza. The thin, Italian style pizza, but instead of tomato sauce, with chanterelles sauteed in sour cream, and with fried bacon and sun-dried tomatoes on top. We've never made such a pizza before, but it will surely be repeated. It was a great success!

Apart from the obvious joy of finding mushrooms, we had a great time by our favorite lake in the woods, with the canoe, the hammock, pancakes on the primus stove and bathing. A lovely day! My husband's summer holiday ends tomorrow, so next week, the children and I are one our own when he's at work. I wish for warm, sunny days. As much as I love mushrooms, I haven't had quite enough of summer yet.


Siga said...

I also love chanterelles. With some onions and cream and new potatoes. Yummy!

Strikkelise said...

Your pizza sounds lovely. And I love the diving shot

Truscaveczka said...

It seems like someone beside me expects autumn early this year. Ant the mushrooms look so delicious - I almost felt the taste of chanterelle&cream sauce on my tongue. Simple and yummy :)

Tora said...

Siga, that sounds great, too. Add some fried trout, and I'm in heaven.

Strikkelise, we'll definitely make that pizza again! Kind of extravagant, though..

Truscaveczka, we've actually had a few rather warm days now, so I guess we'll define this as late summer instead.