13 August 2010


It rained a lot all morning, and I mean a lot. It literally poured down, and there is an enormous puddle in front of the house, there is no way to enter the house without rubber boots. Then it suddenly stopped, and I got to read a few pages in the sun before I went inside to make pizza. And yes, it is the chanterelle pizza, once again. Luxury on the last day of the never ending summer holiday. Which of course had to come to an end sooner or later, as it always does. I guess it's okay. The children and I have had more than 7 weeks off, and we've had a great time. A truly relaxing holiday for everyone. Just hoping that the rest of August will be warm and sunny, so that we'll have a slow start on the darker time of the year.

That book I'm reading is no holiday, though. It's so much Murakami, yet so little like him at the same time. The story is so dark, and I don't quite get what's going on. Not at all, actually. I really wonder where this will end (at the End of the World, I guess..). Only one more week before the big happening. I can hardly wait!

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Anaj said...

I just read that book as well, and despite being a Murakami fan I had no idea what was going on for many, many, many pages. I just rolled with it. Still not absolutely certain I know what was going on and I finished it before the holidays... Just so you know you're not alone :) Also, I have pizza envy now!