15 March 2010

Mind reader

I've created two men's hats this winter (I did say all I could think of was men's wear, didn't I?). What fun and challenging projects they were! Designing for men is entirely different than designing for women and children (at least girls, but even boys are easier than men, I think). Lines and stitches need to be figured out in a totally different way. In order to make them work out for the guys, the garments need to stand out - we don't want it to be boring, either - without standing out too much somehow. At least they need to stand out in the right way, whatever that is.

I made this hat for my husband, and had to reknit it several times before I got it right. I think I did, though. He loves it, and I love him with it on. It's not at all boring, still masculine enough for a man to like it. And I don't know about men in general, but those I know tend to be warmer than most women I know. So even if they do need to wear a hat when it's cold, they need it to be quite thin. This hat is. Made in the same yarn as Medusa, it's soft, thin and just warm enough.

The pattern is available in my pattern store.

Mind reader [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Mind reader (Tankeleser) by Tora Frøseth.
Size: Men's L
Needles: 3.0 mm
Yarn: 90 g of Hifa Superwash

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Anonymous said...

Cool pattern. It is always hard to find an interesting hat pattern that fits men and women.