10 March 2010

French good news and a reminder

The little sister's dress pattern has been translated into French, and is now available along with the English and Norwegian versions. The pattern is free of charge and can be found in my pattern store and on Ravelry (now also available for non-members). I know this is appreciated amongst the French knitters out there. The pattern is translated by Chris, who contacted me to ask if I was interested in publishing the translated version for all the French knitters not so confident in English.

And here comes the reminder, which is as important to me as today's French news: I have become aware that this pattern have been made available other places than mine on the Internet, without my consent. So I feel obliged to write this post to remind you all of the rules in this game. All Tora Frøseth Design patterns are mine, and mine only. I put a lot of time into creating my patterns, and I also spend money by having professional editors edit my patterns to avoid errors.

I have made my patterns available "for personal, non-commercial use only", which means you may knit as many items as you wish from my patterns, as long as you don't sell the knitted items.

Furtermore, you may not in any way republish my patterns, even if you made modifications to it. I love modifications, creativity is always welcome. But do not publish a whole new version of my pattern. Post your modifications to your blog or wherever, but make sure your modifications are written in a way that the knitters would have to consult the original pattern in order to knit the items.

And lastly, if you wish to translate the pattern into another language, do not publish the translation without consulting me first. The pattern still belong to me, even if it is translated.

We all love the availability of knitting patterns made possible by the Internet, but keep in mind that in order to make sure I and others will keep publishing patterns on the Internet, these rules must be met.

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Anonymous said...

Please see this store website, http://www.woolplaying.blogspot.com/ , to make sure that your pattern is being represented correctly.