11 February 2010


I don't consider myself a sock knitter. I have knitted only one pair of (grown up) socks in my life, a pair of toe-up monkeys. I sort of liked it when I was knitting it. I often do like the things I do while doing them. But socks don't tempt me. I'd rather knit a handful of gloves. Maybe I just think gloves are a lot cooler than socks. But the Skew pattern makes me so curious I might actually knit a sock again one day. Wow!


MagFly said...

Wow. Spørs om dette er tidspunktet for å lære seg magic loop-metoden. God helg!

Anonymous said...

I too am not a sock knitter, have nothing against them, many lovely patterns out there.....just doesn't tempt me......maybe later in my life, when I have more time......who knows!

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of the design in the Skew socks!

I admit I have knitted socks just for the feeling of curiosity of how the sock is constructed...

Maybe this will finally happen to you too...?

Please show us your progress if you decide to jump into the project!

Cheers from Toronto

Randi said...

Måtte bare innom og takke for du er så utrolig grei at du legger ut egne mønster.
Har strikket
"Kjole til lillesøster" og ble veldig fornøyd med resultatet.

Tusen takk skal du ha:)