21 January 2010

Smaller husband wanted

Knitting men's wear is no joke, especially not when knitter (that means me) is not 110 % satisfied and wants to shrink front pattern panel width about 3 cm in each side, after already having worked about 20 cm on body. All those 24000 sts worked on train and while chatting with good friends last weekend.. History.

I'm glad I like knitting. Sad thing is, all I can think of these days is men's sweaters. I'd better start fantasizing about some size S guy right away.


Anonymous said...

Small husbands: good plan.

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Tora,

Your blog is very nice! I learned how to knit by a Norwegian woman back in 1984. I can understand about knitting those men's patterns. One benefit, however, was that I was able to quit smoking!

Your patterns are gorgeous and thank you for the nice photos on your blog and especially all of that snow!

Take care,
Susan at http://oneknitonepurl.blogspot.com

life in yonder said...

:-) too funny!

megnjon said...

maybe we can switch. my husband is tall, thin and lanky and most patterns are either too wide or too short. The length is easy to fix, bu I can sympathize with you about trying to get the right width to fit!

Tora said...

Well, before we had kids, we used to dance tango. The other night, we put on our dancing shoes once again (and yes, we do own a pair of real dancing shoes each. For dancing only..), and I'm once again happy for having a size L husband.

Back to knitting now, that huge sweater is waiting!