02 January 2010


My daughter and I spent some time skiing in the winter woods today, along with the sunset. The white beauty is all around us these days, and I love it! We've had some really cold days now - too cold for skiing, but now today it was only 12 below zero, so we went out with hot chocolate in the rucksack and a smile on our face. I hope this cold winter stays for a while!

Happy new year to everybody!


Tovepia said...

Godt nytt år til deg også i et vakkert og kaldt vinter-Norge!
har nettopp sendt avgårde bestilling på storsøsters kjole m garn og mønster, gleder meg;) den har jeg sett på lenge;)
God lørdagskveld til deg;)

Anonymous said...

It's freezing cold here in Toronto: -30°C of wind chill!

I wish you and your family a Happy 2010, and a year full of creativity!



Margie Oomen said...

I was hoping to go snow shoeing in the forest today but like Maria said it is really cold here in southern Ontario today and I just stayed in my PJ's and organized my creative space instead:)
Happy to have discovered your blog today.