13 December 2009

Tiny Christmas sneak peaks

Mostly occupied with making Christmas gifts these days. Only small things (at least when worked once each), and they would have been a lot fun to blog about. But I don't want to blow the Christmas gifts by being impatient. I never actually plan to make presents, though, usually the ideas come to me in early or mid December, and I go through with the ones that tempt me. I have finished two, and I might end up with a few more, depending on what else happens the next week.

The first is a hat, and it's for a man, as you can see. I'm quite content, even though I had to knit it twice. My husband was kind enough to model, and he looks good in it, too. I might have to make another one for him. And I still do have one little hat too many, so I need to find a man with a smaller head to wear it.

The second sneak peak is for a very good friend, and I know she'll like the gift as much as I do. The craziest idea, found here in blogland. And the result is beautiful. I'll tell you all about it when that time comes. All I can say, is that it was kind of hard work - literally - and that I will do it again!


the nest said...

what i can see of the hat is very good-looking! i think i know what the "hard" gift is. :) and i like the little gnome up in your banner!

i am the same with waiting until the season is upon us before getting to knitting or crafting gifts; preparing gifts earlier just doesn't occur to me... alas, i am happily busy these days!

best - annri

hanne said...

looking foreward to see your work, after christmas