04 November 2009

All dressed up

A very good friend of mine turned 30 this year, and for the great party, I knew I had to have a new dress. After all, this friend is quite special, and friends doesn't turn 30 every year.
I was lucky, and found the perfect dress. A lovely glittery little thing, not quite what I usually wear, but perfect none the less. Only thing was, the dress needed a little something to wear over the shoulders. With the party only two little weeks away, I started the design - and knitting - process. I knew that if I had to frog as much as a sleeve, I wouldn't make it. But I did make it, the yarn ends was sewn in just in time - about 3 hours before the party was to start (need I say that blocking was out of the question?)

Two weeks for a frontless cardi isn't that fast, you may say. Well, for me it is. And since I didn't have a pattern to follow, it was quite exiting! I guess my average frogging rate equals knitting at least half the items twice.

I now wear this thing all the time, over jeans just as well as a dress. Since there is no front, the cardi can be worn indoors as well, without becoming too warm. I also like those deep armholes, I think the whole thing gets a little less sweet that way (I'm not very fond of sweet, at least garment wise..). Knitted sideways, and with no seaming, I consider this quite an enjoyable project.

I rarely dream about knitting the same pattern more than once, but I am dreaming of another one in green. Or purple? Or..?

All dressed up [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: All dressed up (Se min kjole) by Tora Frøseth
Size: L
Needles: 3.5 mm
Yarn: A little less than 300 g of Hifa 2


Anne said...

Den er SÅ flot, Tora, lige min stil, sådan en skal jeg strikke, i grøn tror jeg! Græsgrøn, lodengrøn, strågrøn, der er nok grønt at vælge imellem.

Jeg iler fluks over og køber den, også selv om jeg må vente med at strikke den til noget af det jeg har gang i er færdigt ;-)

November-kram til dig...

Gitte said...

Super flot. Klæder dig godt.

life in yonder said...

Den er kjempefin Tora! To uker er ingenting, olja lyn sier bare jeg :-)Jeg stemmer på gtønn OG lilla!!!

lucy said...

so super and very flirty with that dress.

Melanie said...

Cute! (And I love your haircut!)

Tora said...

Takk Anne! Jeg gleder meg til å se din grønne variant, selv om det ganske sikkert gjør meg grønn (!) av misunnelse!

Og takk Gitte og Anne M. Spørs om det ikke blir både grønn og lilla etterhvert - om da ikke det kommer en annen farge farende inn fra sidelinjen..

Thank you, Lucy! I LOVE the dress, even though I never wear as light colors as that one.

Melanie, after letting my husband cut my hair for years, I've finally found a hairdresser I like ;-)