25 November 2009

The act of working stockinette

I like stockinette stitch.

I like the look of it. The smooth surface, even stitches, I like the drape.

I like working stockinette stitch. In the round. The real pleasure is found while working it in the round. Hundreds of meters of woolen yarn transformed into lovely looking stitches. Hundreds of thousands of stitches ahead, all exactly the same, to be worked while I'm here, there, nowhere, everywhere. My mind wanders off, on, wherever.

I like working stockinette while watching TV. If someone held the book for me, I'm sure I could work stockinette while reading. I'd like to try that once. Volunteers, anybody?

I like working stockinette while at work, at meetings. Keeps me calm, nice, kind, harmonic.

I like working stockinette. It goes so fast, and given enough stitches, lasts forever.

I even like working stockinette while knitting my husband's sweater's sleeves, even though I thought I didn't like knitting sleeves.


the nest said...

i like it too! i think that is why i like knitting socks so much!

Trine said...

Ellers er det helt supert med lydbøker også :-) (så slipper noen å holde boka for deg)

Anonymous said...

well said! stockinette is the best mindless but all consuming.

life in yonder said...


Tora said...

Trine, lydbøker er fint, men bare innenfor visse sjangre, syns jeg. Feks Murakami eller Saramago (mine favoritter) er umulig å høre på lydbok. Det er for mange kule setninger å lese om igjen der. Spoling fungerer dårlig kombinert med strikking.. ;-)

Irmhild said...

I like stockinette, especially the finished product! there are a lot of fancy patterns out there, and when I get tempted with something I always ask myself, would I buy it? And often the answer is, no, probably not, but if it was plain knit i might!
that said, i like purl stripes, too, but more to look at than to knit!
I'm knitting 'little sister's dress' at the moment, i'm still on the increase rounds and purl rounds, but looking forward to the stockinette part!