17 September 2009

Pattern updates

Today I've sent update files via Ravelry to those of you who purchased my Sweetheart or Lady Wannabe patterns before the update. If anyone's purchased the patterns and has not received an update e-mail with download link, please check the e-mail address given via Paypal at the time of purchase. If you still can't find it - not even in your spam filters - please e-mail me with name and date of purchase, and we'll figure it out. Both Norwegian and English pattern versions are included in the update, and I hope my Scandinavian customers appreciate it.

I have not send update files to the 8478 people who've downloaded the free Little sister's pattern, though (there is no easy way to do this with free patterns in Ravelry). If you want the updated version of this pattern, simply visit my store and download it. It is still - and will continue to be - available free of charge.


Tracey said...

congratulations on your new online store! it looks great.

i think you may be able to send an ravelry message to everyone who has downloaded a free pattern. if you select "manage store" from your designer page and pick the free pattern, at the bottom under PDF Version History, there is a link to "notify buyers of an update" that might work.

Tora said...

Thank you, Tracey!

I know about the "notify buyers.." function - but it does exactly what it says: notify buyers. So when I did this with my free pattern, it resulted in 0 messages being sent. I have searched Ravelry's help groups, and found out that this does in fact only work with "for sale" patterns. But thank you anyway!