16 August 2009


This is the last day of this year's summer holiday, tomorrow is once again working day. We've had a great holiday, both in length and volume. I guess going back to work tomorrow will actually be okay.

But today is still holiday, so I'll write this post about a fantastic adventure we enjoyed being part of in the norwegian mountains this summer. In beautiful Heidal, a festival dedicated to fairy tales takes place every summer. We joined the wandering theatre there, and helped rescue young Erlend who was taken by the trolls and was supposed to be part of the troll's soup that very evening! Not only did we conquer the trolls and freed Erlend, we also got hold of the troll treasure! It was extremely exciting, the kids loved it, and so did I. (The trolls can also be seen in this video from the festival.)

And look at those costumes! Almost all made of felted wool. Even the witches wore knitted cardigans! It was amazing. And that lady lying there - she's all wool.

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