07 August 2009


Summer holiday is almost over, only a bit more than a week left. It's been a summer full of contrasts. Starting with the wedding, in traditional Norwegian surroundings. Then two weeks in Italy, all four of us, and a lot of others, too. No knitting, quite a lot of reading, lots of sun, great food, wine and a pool. We've been to Italy many times, the two of us, but never with the kids. Before heading to Toscana, we took them to Colosseum, and told them all about what had happened there. Seeing it all through their eyes was so fun, I hadn't really expected how fun that would be.

Apart from having a great climate for holiday activities, Italy is a lot about beauty. I love the sound of the language, the food, wine, and the places. The Campo in Siena above is one of my favorites.


Tovepia said...

Seems like you've had a top holiday in Italy. Never been there for a holiday, only driven through from or to France. Have a nice weekend!!

petpet said...

hello! I think Siena is beautiful, I've been there for holiday many years ago.
I'm italian and live in Padova (near Venice), and I agree with you, Italy can offer many fascinating possibilities, but I think also your Norway can. I'd really like to visit it! can you suggest me something interesting that I would not find in a guide?????? thank you!

zeusstrik said...

been to toscany too this summer, loved it and is absolutely going back!!

picperfic said...

I was in Sienna in May, the second year in a row! First time was my honeymoon, second time we took my Mum! I just love Italy...stunning beauty everywhere and the food is so delicious!