05 June 2009

About hats

My husband likes wearing hats when it's sunny. He's been wearing ordinary caps until recently, but honestly, those look quite dull on grown ups. So when we found ourselves outside this place in Corso Buenos Aires in Milano, I knew we had to have a look. A bit reluctant at first, my husband, but eventually, he did buy the six pence. I like the hat, I like it even better on my husband's head, and I love that stores like that exists - not to mention this store owner, who even had specific opinions on color choice for his customer!

And I do see the point in hats, but don't have one myself - well I do have a garden hat but it's not for showing. It looks like there are lots of hats on the cat walk this year, and I wonder if I should have one, too. But generally, I find including hats in my outfits difficult. I think I like this one, though. Maybe I'll give it a go. (Picture borrowed from Amazon.jp)


Poethead said...

I love that picture! It's great. Thanks for sharing it.

Anne D said...

I love shops like that. Shops that are truly specialized. Not too many of them left, sadly enough.