13 May 2009


It's been a whole month since I last said hello. Life is going so fast, I can hardly believe it's almost summer already. I'm knitting and crafting like before, though. I finished my yellow cardigan a while ago. I also finished the boy's sweater from the last post (and yes, I will share the rest of it with you, and that yellow cabled thing, too). I also finished a little project which has already become a favorite. More of that later.
Yesterday I made this bracelet. I have a lot of white buttons from my grandma, and found out this was a good way of showing them off. They're really not much worth while in the drawer. It's a present. I don't suspect the recipient reads the blog, but you never know, so I won't reveal who she is yet.

This week is a festive one. Constitution day is on Sunday, and we'll eat tons of ice cream. And soon we're off to Milano. Me and my husband, no kids! I do look forward to it.

Time goes fast these days. It's ok with me, really.


lucy said...

Enjoy your time away!

Gigi said...

Love the button bracelet. A friend recently made a necklace from her button collection, but I actually like your idea of the bracelet better -- more wearable I think.
Your blog is lovely & wonderful photos.


Elm said...

Jeg vet du er norsk og legger derfor kommentaren inn på norsk. Jeg har også masse knapper etter min mor og min mormor, og jeg har tatt godt vare på dem i alle år, og endelig fikk jeg en ide om hvordan jeg kan bruke dem. Litt synd å ha så mange fine knapper i en eske - gleder meg til å komme i gang og lage et armbånd !!!!