18 May 2009


Yesterday was May Seventeenth, the Norwegian Constitution day. Last year it rained, and there is nothing as sad as rain on this day. This year was different. A sunny day perfect for celebrating. There were (lots of) ice cream, hot dogs, parades, flags, and festivities all day long. And the traditional norwegian costume, bunad. Mine is the follobunad, and is from just south of Oslo, where I've always lived. In addition to what you see below, there is a black brocade cape and an apron similar to the shirt, and shoes, of course. My mother made it for me about seventeen years ago, and I'm really fond of this garment. But as much as I love it, it was a relief to take it off yesterday evening. Except for the shirt, it's all wool, and it is both warm and a really heavy garment to wear.


Poethead said...

The traditional costumes are beautiful, but I'm sure, they are not comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

vonnie said...

Your bunad must be beautiful!! I love seeing the various bunads from the dfferent regions of Norway. So glad you took time to take the pictures.

Tora said...

I see why you got the impression the garment's uncomfortable, but that's not the whole truth. It is heavy - and warm - but it also keeps all those post pregnancy body extras in place. So no worries about how I look, because when wearing this, everybody looks great!