08 February 2009


This winter's crazy, hence another snow post, even though I'd actually decided enough was enough. Well, apparently it's not. I went out this morning to feel the snow, properly dressed and with a giggle on my face. This is hilarious! There is so much snow we don't know where to put it after moving it away. I went straight out to it, with my thighs all covered. Not easy to walk, but perfect for skiing! And my bench? I do know it's there, I spotted it yesterday. Don't recommend sitting on it, though..


Mette said...

Tora, bare jeg kunne kigge forbi dig og nyde sneen. Jeg elsker sne.

Tora said...

Du er velkommen når som helst, Mette! Så kommer jeg ned til dere når alle danske blogger svømmer over av tulipaner om en måned eller to og snøen fortsatt ligger tjukk her..