07 February 2009

Do I still knit?

A timely question, by judging on my blog content lately. Thing is, I'm working on a few secrets, which will hopefully be finished later this week. They are holiday projects, really, even if I didn't manage to finish them before the holiday was over (way too soon). And they are really, really nerdy little things in a way that makes me smile from ear to ear. I hope and think  (and know) the recipients will, too. Apart from that, I'm finishing two sweaters at once. I have one in my living room, and one in front of the TV upstairs. Takes more time that way, I know that. But I'm soo close now! Sweater mojo is back!


Aid said...

Blir spennende å se hva du holder på med :) Er stadig innom her og titter hos deg, men er ikke så flink til å legge igjen kommentar etter meg...

Ha en fin helg videre!

Tora said...

Det er hyggelig å høre at du er innom, og veldig hyggelig med kommentar :-) God helg til deg og!

Maria said...

Hi Tora!

Are those secret projects going to have a pattern available for sale?

I wish they are... can't wait to get a new design from you!



Tora said...

Thanks, Maria! But no, my sectrets are not going to be presented as patterns, I don't think anyone would be interested in buying them :-) Just wait and see, you'll agree with me. But there are other patterns on their way, so be patient!

Maria said...

Dear Tora,

Ok, I will try to be patient :-)

I have just finished knitting your beautiful 'Angle', and now I need to do the blocking.

I should be able to upload some pictures to Ravelry soon.

The recipient will be little Tasha, my friend's daughter, who also received the 'Little Sister Dress' a couple of months ago... and loved it!

Have a great knitting day!