18 January 2009

Sunday, snow

As you might already know, I like snow, and today's weather has been awesome! The ground is now covered with 20 cm of white goodness, almost all of which has fallen from the sky today. At times we saw nothing but snow when looking out the windows.


Paty said...

Although I do find it beautiful, and love it, I have know idea how is to live like this, and deal with snow everyday... I have lived all my life in Brazil, or in places where snow was not very usual (such as North Carolina!). Now I'm living in LA, hot anyway....

have a great day and have fun!!!!

Tora said...

Thank you, Paty, I hope your day was good, mine was white and very good :-)

We don't exactly have snow like this all the time, so we're not dealing with it everyday. But right now, it's still snowing, so moving around outdoors can be a challenge..