09 January 2009

The gifts - A princess

The choice for my daughter's costume wasn't as obvious as that for my son. But when I asked her in hypothetical terms what kind of costume she would liked, the answer was ready - a princess. I was a bit surprised, actually, she's not so into the all-pink-princess thing. Yet. But princess costume she wanted, so princess it was.

The cloak is the same as the pirate one, only in pink, obviously. The skirt is made in silk and tulle, with elastic waist, and the crown is in purple silk, with some batting in the middle and tulle on the outside. It was definitely not exclusively pleasurable to make, because the silk and the tulle decided not to stay in place at all while sewing it up. So I had to use a lot of pins to get it right. The result is pretty good, though, so I guess it was worth it. I think the cloak prevents the costume from being too cute in a play obstructive way. Although being pink, this cloak is just as fun to play with as the pirate's black one.

The picture is not the best, but it wasn't easy to take her picture showing all of the costume, without showing too much of her face. I guess you get the picture of the costume, anyway.

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