07 January 2009

The gifts - Pirate costume

Pirates are for three year olds what trucks are for two year olds, apparently. My son is no exception. He's been wanting a pirate costume for a long time, so I found out it would make a good Christmas present for him. The cloak is in velvet, with a silk neck band and a button closure, while the hat is in wool felt lined with purple silk, with an iron on diamond scull. I made the hat by trial and error, and ended up with something quite piraty and wearable enough for my kid. I had quite a lot of fun sewing it. And it's a success, by the sound and look of my happy little pirate.


Tracey said...

what a wonderful holiday gift! something thoughtfully handmade that will encourage creativity. so much better than a plastic toy. *love* it. :)

Merete said...

Så sjarmerende! Så det er pirat man blir etter gravemaskinfører? Vi ligger et år etter i løypa, har jeg skjønt.

Tora said...

Thank you, Tracey!

Og ja, Merete, det er i hvert fall sånn det er her. Sjørøverdilla har gått som en farsott i barnehagen. Ved siden av Spiderman. Og da foretrekker jeg sjørøvere.. Men han skal fremdeles bli søppelmann og brannmann. Sjørøver er visst noe man bare leker.