20 November 2008

WIP week - Yellow Cables

Another project for me is taking form. I am actually knitting two sweaters for myself at the same time (even though this is really a cardi, but you know what I mean..), and I, who haven´t made anything big in a looong time. I enjoy it, but at the same time, I struggle with the hugeness of these projects. It's just not so easy to carry them around, so I need the tiny ones for the carry around occasions.

I love this color, though, and I think I like the seed st - cable combo. And I like how it fits me, at least so far. So, as you can see, this is really a potential success project! I just hope I get to finish it before my affection for yellow has travelled somewhere else.


Siena said...

Two adult sweaters at once - that`s brave! I am in love with seed stich at the moment, so of course I like the look of this yellow cardi. I feel the urge to knit myself a sweater too, but it`s all about christmas and baby presents right now. Next year, I hope... Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! I like how we all get into a certain knitting phase and soon or later, we move on to something else. I think knitting/crafting should be dynamic, otherwise, it would be a boring routine!

Nettie said...

I like the seed stitch with the cable too.

Tora said...

Thank you, girls!

Brave or not, I won't give up on these two, although I feel the small projects praying for me to cast on..

And I agree, Lucy, the fact that there's always something to learn, something new to master, I love that!

Poethead said...

The yellow is really pretty. I can't wait to see the finished product!