19 November 2008

WIP week - More Girly Stuff

More hearts today, one that you've also seen before. The yarn is the same as I use for Sweetheart, it's the coned one from this post. More about the lovely yarn some other day. I started this in the autumn holiday when we were up north, but then other projects took over, and it's been lying there since. Almost finished but without armhole edging. I still enjoy working those hearts. And I like looking at them. Cute, but not too cute among the more rough looking garter stitch. I somehow feel I'm not quite done with this stitch pattern. Maybe a girly hat? Scarf? Mitts?


Tracey said...

i've just started my own hearts cardi and love the pattern section. it's so clever and fun to knit, i stayed up way past my bedtime last night obsessed with seeing the hearts emerge.

Tora said...

Your comment makes me smile :-D (and I feel exactly the same about those hearts..)