22 November 2008

WIP week - Gray Gloves

Five WIPs at once, that's a lot for a (quite) monogamous knitter as myself. I like having a couple of projects at the same time, but usually two or three is enough. I guess the two sweater projects are to blame. Knitting with those huge needles (4.5 mm) is heavy, so the small needle projects are regarded as resting projects in between.

The last WIP is a pair of gray Lady Wannabe gloves for me. One glove is done (except for all those yarn ends..), and I started the other one this morning. They knit up real fast, and those fingers are done almost before getting started.


Nettie said...

Interesting. I find the small needle projects wear on my wrists and hands more.

kris said...

so pretty! you're already further along than i am - mind if i send them to you so you can finish the fingers for me? ;)

Tora said...

That is interesting, Nettie, we should get together to learn from each other's techniques some day ;-)

And Kris, just send them over, I'll knit the fingers if you fasten all my yarn ends! I have something for you, by the way, I'll send you an e-mail one of these days.

Kyoko said...

I am a complete polygamous knitter... Trying not to accumulate too many UFO (unfinished objects). Like you, I find larger needles heavy so I use Addi Turbo circular needles and it makes it easier to knit.
Wonderful gloves!