17 October 2008

Autumn on a Friday

Just checking in to say I’m still here, enjoying my Friday evening. Kids asleep, wine in the glass, candles. And knitting. Let the weekend come!

And I find myself actually liking autumn this year. Yes, I get more tired as the days get shorter. And yes, it’s freezing cold in the mornings and kind of rough to get out of bed when it’s still dark. But still, lighting candles, drinking port wine and knitting isnt’t that bad at all. And those crisp mornings, clear blue sky, frosty yellow leaves, wearing woollen stuff. I find myself liking it. And I, who always was a summer girl..

Autumn in Bodø

This photo is from a few weeks back when we visited family in Bodø. Very far north, colder than expected, and beautiful autumn colors!


Merete said...

Hyggelig med livstegn! Og for noen nydelige lysestaker, de gav god stemning i bildet.

Tora said...

Noen ganger går tiden veldig fort. Ikke får jeg strikka så mye nå om dagen heller, så da blir det dårlig med blogging.. :-(


oh yes... i love the colors... i so miss canada for the autumn colors... but here in Portugal, we d have the sun:)

Tora said...

Well, Zé, the sun isn't so bad. But actually, the variation here up north is actually kind of great!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful autumn Tora! I bet it's beautiful there.