04 September 2008

Sweater knitting

My elbow is better today, thanks to putting my crochet project on hold and devoting myself to my beloved knitting. I'm at a point now where finishing my sweater goes so slowly there is difficult to spot any changes at all. But I will finish, no doubt. And if the sky continues to splash water all over us all day long as it has today, and the temperatures stay as low as now, I will soon want to wear it too.

While neither crocheting nor working on my sweater, I have been fiddling with a new design. An idea for a pullover for my daughter is soon to be born. Today has been full of trial and error, knitting and frogging, just like it always is at this stage in the process. An intense process, but I think I have all the math now, and it’s almost ready for real knitting. And since my daughter's favorite colors are red, pink and purple, I've chosen a deep cerise, almost burgundy color for her. She's happy for the color, as expected, and also very content, as always, since I'm knitting for HER!


Siew said...

Oooh - I can't wait to see your latest sweater. My daughter's favorite colours are pink and red so this should be very interesting!

karen - from me to you said...

pink you said pink ? already perfect ;o)
can't wait to see it.

good luck with the weather - we still have a summer weather (+30 and very sunny) and I'm knitting a Lady February Sweater...I can't wait to be able to wear it o)

nadia said...

i'm going to knit very soon a sweater for my 8 years old daughter.
pink of course.
girls are all the same :o)