09 August 2008

Back to school

Summer holiday was really great this year. Which means the weather was good (it's always like that in Norway, and I guess it's just because summer doesn't necessary mean warm, sunny weather). This year, we spent most of our holiday in western Norway, where it's almost always raining. Not so this summer. We enjoyed swimming in the North Sea, and the temperature was actually quite good, which it normally isn't. Anyway, not much knitting was done, reading and sun/sea bathing was so much more tempting.

This weekend, it's raining, and on Monday, holiday is definitely over. And then, I'll get back to my needles. I'm actually almost done with a sweater for myself, and I can't remember the last time I did that. So, I guess I have been knitting a bit after all.


nadia said...

Knitting without realizing it : nice way to spend his holidays !

Tora said...

Hehe, I guess you're right. It's been like a round here and there, and of course as the days go by, so do those rounds..

I realized I haven't visited your blog for a while, you sure have been knitting this summer! And such lovely things, too! It's a shame I don't read french..

Ulli said...

i am glad that you had such a lovely summer! can't wait to see your sweater

Tora said...

Thank you, ulli! I look forward to finishing my sweater, too. But I hope I won't be wearing it for some time, 'cause I'd like to have some more summer!