05 July 2008

196 and back

After a little week in the mountains, I'm online again. Apart from all the e-mails, according to bloglines, there are 196 blog posts waiting to be enjoyed. I guess I'll have to give it a few days. Reading in a hurry isn't the way I like it. There is not so much inspiration coming from rushing through.

I have been struggling with writing down a pattern for Truck! the past weeks, and one thing I've learned, I certainly prefer working the other way. Creating a pattern out of something I made months ago is not at all easy.

Meanwhile, enjoy my result in the Flickr game. I found it here, and you'll find the rules there as well. I like looking at the result, the colors are great! Play along if you want to!

Me in pictures

1. Tora, 2. chocolate layer cake, 3. A bee on Skis?, 4. Toxic Teal, 5. Nobody said it was easy, 6. port, 7. green windows and flowers, 8. Chocolate fondant, 9. through all the wars i've come to know, 10. FLOW!!, 11. intense gorgeousity, 12. toraf


Merete said...

Jeg har prøvd, men klarer ikke lage den lista med krediteringer, og den vil jeg ha med. Brukte bighugelabs til å lage mosaikken, er det det som er feil, montro?

Tora said...

Jeg brukte også bighugelabs. Når du har laget mosaikken og er på den siden der du kan velge å laste den opp til flickr, står det en kode med krediteringer under mosaikken. Denne må du kopiere og legge inn som bildetekst i flickr etterpå.