20 June 2008


Siena made lists of her crafty plans for the next year, and challenged me to do the same. I like the idea, even though it was quite hard to make the lists. I know I'd probably not follow them at all, since I'm more like developing the ideas that come to me at the time. Still, by creating the lists (especially the first one), I actually learned a bit about my crafting self. Here they are:

Things I want to learn:
1. Twined knitting
2. Crocheted steek
3. Intarsia
4. Bohus knitting
5. Tubular bind off

Things I want to create:
1. A sweater/cardi for myself
2. A sweater/cardi for my husband
3. A really cool boy’s garment
4. A scarf like this
5. Two colored mitts telling a story

Small items I might want to knit:
1. Short rows wavy hat
2. Another pair of brightly colored gloves for myself
3. Astrid
4. Alligator fingerless mitts
5. Mitered mitts with an afterthought thumb

And I guess I should pass this on, so I hereby challenge Birgitte, Ingvild, Ann, Merete and Hanne, all of them talented crafters with great blogs!


Siena Knit said...

Must say I´m impressed with the techniques you want to learn, some of them I´ve never even heard of. But that`s the great thing about knitting - there`s always new challenges. I am SO looking forward to your new designs to come!

HANNE said...

Hej Tora
Tak for udfordringen :o)
jeg vil lige tænke mig godt om, inden jeg beslutter mig.
Hav en dejlig weekend...

Tora said...

Well, Siena, I really worked hard to come up with something really different from what I normally do when I knit. And yes, I guess the challenges is a big part of why we knit..

Hanne, bare tenk du! Jeg håper du beslutter deg for i hvert fall å lage en spennende liste over hva du vil lære, den vil jeg nemlig gjerne se!

Hannahbelle said...

Is that a pineapple? Where is it from?

Tora said...

That's a sleeve, Hannah! The humble start of a project that hopefully will be finished and wearable some day :-)

Birgitte said...

I've now finally responded to your challenge! Thanks for the nice words 'bout my blog :)