06 March 2008

Ty's hat

"..at one stage the gods decided to shackle the wolf Fenrisulfr (Fenrir), but the beast broke every chain they put upon him. Eventually they had the dwarves make them a magical ribbon called Gleipnir from the noise a cat makes when it moves, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, the spittle of a bird, the beard of a woman, and the roots of a mountain. The gods took those items from the world and that is why they do not exist today. Fenrir sensed the gods' deceit and refused to be bound with it unless one of them put his hand in the wolf's mouth. Tyr, known for his great honesty and courage, agreed, and the other gods bound the wolf. After Fenrir had been bound by the gods, he struggled to try and break the rope. When the gods saw that Fenrir was bound they all laughed, except Tyr, who had his right hand bitten off by the wolf. Fenrir will remain bound until the day of Ragnarök.." (from Wikipedia)

I’ll meet the new baby boy Ty for the first time today. I hope the little boy won’t have to meet such challenges as the Norse god Ty, at least not for a very long time. On the hat, Fenrir is about to bite off Ty’s hand, shown as the rune representing Ty.

Ty's hat specs:
Pattern: Gro's Djevellue/Sweet Baby Cap by Gro
Yarn: Hifa Alv kamgarn tynt, held double.
Modifications: I rounded it off a bit more as usual, by decreasing between the suggested decreases four times at the very end.


HANNE said...

Den nordiske mytologi er spændende og fantastisk til børn. Begge mine børn har fået historierne ind med skeer og har lært en masse ved det :) Flot hue og smukt navn til en lille dreng.

Merete said...

Og vi ønsker lykke til til mammaen som skal forklare pynten på lua: øøøh, det er Fenrisulven som tar hånda til Tyr for han er den eneste som er tøff nok til å tåle det. Og du da? hva har dere pyntet med da? Biler og bamser?

Tora said...

Vi må vel regne med at man kan sin norrøne mytologi, eller..? Hvis ikke får man bare si det er et monster ;-)