04 March 2008

Overwhelmed part II

With the package note inside the new ultra cool bike tube purse (well, it's really snakeskin purse, but it doesn't make any sense when writing in English), I went to the post office yesterday. I thought I knew what was in the package (for those of you not reading Danish, I knew Hanne was sending me a vase she blogged about a few weeks ago), but I was so wrong! Well, I guess I was kind of right, too, because the vase was in there (in one piece, and adorable), but accompanied by so many other unexpected things. I love it all, Hanne! The fact that a person whom I've never met wants to send me such a gift - just because she appreciates my blog and my patterns.. I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much! I will enjoy this for a long time, and have already begun to make plans for the orange yarn. The multi colored yarn was instantly adopted by my daughter, so I guess I have no choice but to make something for her with it..

I will show you the vase another time, when the tiny spring flowers eventually bloom (this morning it was freezing cold again, -10 degrees of Celsius! - so I guess we'll have to wait for a while..). In a week or two I'll go flower hunting!

The agreement was for me to send some yarn in return for the vase, and I will, but be sure I do have an additional plan or two for this crazy lady.. But now, I'm off for a walk with the coolest purse in town!

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