24 March 2008


Laminaria is finished, and I like every part of her. The beauty of the lace motifs is obvious. Then there is the 2 sts garter border making a very nice edge on the longest of the triangle's sides, and the fact that she's not triangular at all, making her so much easier to wear for those of us not really being the shawl type of girl. And the bind off technique resulting in a very robust yet elastic and attractive edge on the two shorter sides. The star pattern in the inner part of her looks a bit boring at first sight, but they look fantastic up close. I might even use this particular stitch pattern in some of my own designs one day.

One note on the pattern is the lack of symmetry in the star pattern. I didn't like the way it turned out at first, and frogged to make the stars symmetrical. This was no big deal, I simply worked sssks/ssks instead of k3togs/k2togs before the markers, then k3togs after the markers.

The pattern gives directions for two sizes, a shawl and the smaller shoulderette. My shawl is made smaller than both of the two, since I’ll hardly wear her shawl style (as pictured), but rather as a scarf. I enjoyed making this beauty, but I’m glad the edging charts were exactly that – edging. The idea of working a complete shawl requiring that level of concentration doesn't really tempt me. This said, the edging too was a nice journey, due to the stunning beauty of it.

I am surprised how fast it went. I started the shawl only three days ago, and I have always imagined that knitting lace shawls takes forever. I have been so impressed by those making one in only a few days, and then another one the days after, but I guess this thing is kind of addictive. It's kind of a pageturner - only one more pattern repeat..

My shawl is made of Shetland's wool from BC garn. The deep purple color is gorgeous, and the structure and feel of this yarn is fantastic. More of that later. As I said yesterday, this yarn is a new favorite, and will need a blog post of its own. Good thing I ordered lots of it.

Laminaria [@ravelry]specs:
Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman [@Ravelry]

Modifications: I worked only 3 star chart repeats, and also only 3 blossom repeats, in order to make it smaller. I also made the star pattern symmetrical.
Needles: 4.5 mm
Yarn: 75 g Shetland's wool from BC garn


Merete said...

Oi! Det var raskt! Nydelig resultat, og takk for garntips, det skal sjekkes ut.

Lucette said...

It looks stunning and very stylish. Love the colour.

Tora said...

Thank you both! I have been taking the shawl for a walk today, and the size is perfect for wearing scarf style, which I prefer. The yarn blocked beautifully, so you can still see the lace even if I wrap it around twice and make a knot, as I usually do..

lifeondyssen said...

Super flot Tora .. jeg er vild med farven og du bliver smart med lilla sjal og gule handsker :-)

Tora said...

Takk, takk :-) Lilla og gult er en av mine ynlingskombinasjoner! Jeg kan love deg at disse to blir brukt!

Nina said...

Super beautiful, great work you did :)