03 March 2008


Both my friends' babies arrived about two weeks ago, and today I'm off to visit one of them. She's a girl, and gets to wear the Little sister's dress. I have also made her a little hat to keep her ears warm. Spring seems to come early this year, but it's still cold outside, and a tiny human being should have a nice, soft and warm hat. I know she's wearing the hat I made for her older brother three years ago, but I though she should have her own. A red one, with a purple heart and a ladybug. The hat pattern is Gro's Djevellue, which I have made once before, and still love.

I have made her mother some dark, juicy brownies. She loves chocolate even more than I do, so I guess it's an appropriate gift for the new mother-of-two.

Ladybug hat specs:
Pattern: Gro's Djevellue/Sweet Baby Cap by Gro
Yarn: Askeladen merino wool, held double
Modifications: I rounded it off a bit more by decreasing between the suggested decreases four times at the very end.


Julie said...

Hvor er det dog et yndigt sæt!
KH Julie

soknitpicky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a lot of really pretty projects! And to answer your question, the edging on Athos is sewn on, but the medallion is made by picking up stitches and then working the pattern