17 March 2008

Easter coasters

In 1977, the year I was born, my mother made a patchwork cloth for our kitchen table. It was yellow, brown, orange - typical colors for the 70's, and perfect for Easter. It has been covering our table every Easter holiday since that, and I love it. Not so this year, the cloth has mysteriously vanished. My mother asked me the other day if she by any chance had given it to me, but she hasn't (unfortunately).

Inspired by this woman's fabulous work, which I only discovered yesterday, I have now made my own Easter coasters. They remind me of my childhood's Easter cloth and was such a fun project for this lazy holiday morning. The craziness suits me well. I love sewing, but not so much the tedious measuring work. Now it's time for lunch (having two three year olds, holiday does not yet mean late breakfasts..), and I guess a cup of hot chocolate on these will suit both me and the rest of the family, which have been out in the cold, windy weather already.

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