23 March 2008

Happy Easter holiday!

I have been surrounded by yellow this week. The Easter coasters was yellow because of Easter, but the gloves were supposed to be yellow irrespective of the holiday (I still do not have accessories for holiday wearing..). Daffodils and yellow tulips are of course obligatory, the horse feet were a pleasant surprise found just before king Winter decided enough was enough, and suddenly sent 20 cm of snow to hide them again.

I have one more yellow project yet to show you, but it’ll have to wait a little while. Right now, the wonderful purple Laminaria is a little past halfway finished, I’m working on the first edging chart. A pleasant project all the way to the edging, then suddenly watching-TV-knitting is so out of the question. The edging looks quite easy compared to the rest, but don’t let her fool you, this is where some concentration is in place! I still like her, though, she's a beauty!

The yarn deserves a blog post of its own. I’m in love.

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FrkSnupp said...

Sweet gloves! I like the ladylike look =)