12 March 2008


I'm making gloves. I can't meet the spring with those warm traditional mittens of mine. I guess making gloves won't make spring come earlier, but at least it makes me feel ready. I love the look of contrast color leather gloves, and especially combined with knitwear the way this woman does it (that is not me, if you wondered..), but somehow I can't find gloves that I'm comfortable with. I guess I'm not (yet?) the leather glove kind of person.. So I'm designing my very own knitted gloves with lots of attitude and style (hopefully!). They're yellow to celebrate longer, warmer days here up north. Besides, I like the yellow contrast to my usual teal-blue-and-a-dash-of-purple outfit.

This one is the prototype, because when it comes to gloves, I don't compromise. They must fit. Perfectly. This actually came close, there are only minor changes needed in the pattern. I made quite a few gloves when I was a teenager. I really like it, it's quite fun. I had almost forgotten that.

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lifeondyssen said...

Hun er en spændende og inspirerende stil .. de gule handske du har strikket er smart og enkel, jeg er vild med farven. Den gør glad :-)