20 March 2008

Easter holiday

I love these lazy days! The weather is crisp and clear, we're all together, nobody's going anywhere, and there is nothing that has to be done. The other day we painted Easter eggs, all four together. I enjoy having children old enough to take part in such activities. Those moments where all of us enjoy doing what we do. Not only because we do it together, but also because the activity itself is fun for everyone.

Today was another sunny, but quite cold day, and we had lunch in the forest. Only a couple of minutes from home, but still. Even if the temperatures have been below and around zero lately, we found some early spring flowers to come home with us. The vase is the one from Hanne. I love it. It is so simple, so naive, and goes so well with the short horse foot flowers.

My gloves are nearly finished, after several attempts to get the perfect fit. I hope it will be ready for a photo session tomorrow. The daffodils below are not from the garden, by the way, they are a gift from my husband. I'm afraid we won't see any flowers out there for a long time yet. Watching the flowers bloom on my kitchen table is no poor substitute, though.


Merete said...

Man skal nyte alle alderstrinn på barna, men jeg innrømmer at jeg gleder meg til han kan være med å skape noe sammen med oss, male påskeegg er en milepæl!

Overraskelse til deg på bloggen min, forresten :)

Tora said...

Spør du meg, er det utrolig mye morsommere nå enn da de var babyer! Følelsen av at vi kan gjøre noe sammen på alles premisser er deilig. Det er bare å glede seg :-)

Og jeg gleder meg veldig til pakke, jippi! :-D