21 February 2008


I'm in a reading circle with two good friends of mine, and I have come to appreciate both those women and our little club a lot. My newest knitting project is for my book loving friends, none of which are knitters. It's for freezing winter days curling up in the favorite chair with a book and a cup of hot chocolate, or for those chilly summer evenings when you don't want to go inside just yet.

This time it's not at all my own design. Jared was the first to do it, but the pattern was made 75 years ago. Circle is the key word. I'm now at 408 sts a round, and increasing rapidly. I haven't calculated the numbers I'll end up with, and I don't really intend to, afraid of loosing the guts to finish. But I will finish. This is going to be a pretty one (or rather two!).


Lise aka Pindsvinet said...

That's one of my favourites too. Looking forward to see some photos of it.

Tora said...

I'm looking forward to the photo session, too, because that involves getting it off the needles. Right now it looks like just a big bunch of wool, not like a lovely blanket ;-)

marit said...

Hi, I've just knitted the sweetheart dress, and it turned out really cute! Only thing is I used more yarn...Thanks for a great pattern:-)
Good luck with the blankets, lace on big needles is fun.

Tora said...

Hi, Marit! I like your bottom border, it's very cute! Yours is longer than mine, and made with a different yarn, so I guess that explains why you needed more yarn. My dress is only 42 g..

Thanks for sharing the picture, and I agree, red is quite difficult to photograph. I find it a bit easier outdoors, though.