31 January 2008


An unexpected love for garter stitch has grown on me over the past few years. This was how all I made looked when I first learned to knit as a child, and being able to purl and work stockinette a few years later was such a revolution that the garter was abandoned for years.

Then, when I got pregnant, the naive looking garter stitch seemed like a good idea for the baby clothes to be knitted with such great love. Now the non curling, symmetrical fabric has a great appeal to me for all types of projects.

This particular garter stitch project came out of some swatching yesterday. Actually I was planning a red girly baby vest, playing with different stitches I had figured in my head, but when my daughter laid eyes on the two little hearts on my swatch, she declared that this was a project to be gifted to her. Flattered by her interest in my beloved knitting, I instantly agreed, and here we go, a short sleeved cardigan/open fronted vest for my little girl. It sure will be big enough. I'm now up at about 380 sts/row, and she's only two and a half.. I just hope my math turns out to be right.


HANNE said...

Det bliver bare så smukt med de hjerter, jeg kan godt forstå interessen for trøjen :)

Tora said...

Takk! Hun spør stadig om den er ferdig når hun kommer hjem fra barnehagen. Hun er den vidunderligste datter for en strikkende mor..

Birgitte said...

Det ser spændende ud! Jeg glæder mig til at se resultatet - det er et fint hjertemønster, må jeg sige :)