01 February 2008

Today's vote is for a boy!

After having made that girly indeed dress the other day, I felt I had to compensate by knitting some blue boy's stuff. They might of course both turn out to be boys, and then I would be in a hurry. Not anymore. Once again, the lovely "Baby i rib", this time in a heavenly shade of blue. Normally, blue is not my favorite, but this one is truly beautiful. I made it out of two strands of the ultra thin Alv by Hifa, and it got squishy and nice. I made the smallest size, and with this yarn I would guess it will fit an average 3-6 months old baby.

Baby in rib specs:
Pattern: "Baby i rib" by Else Schjellerup/Designclub.dk
Yarn: Hifa Alv kamgarn tynt, held double
Needles: 3mm


Sarah said...

I was browsing the internet, trying to find a copy of the pattern you used to knit the baby i rib vest. I've been on several Scandinavian websites and i can't seem to locate it.

I was wondering if you could help me locate a vendor who carries this pattern (preferably in English) so that I could knit it, too?

Thank you.

Tora said...

I'm pretty sure that the owner of Pinnsvindesign are willing to sell to international customers. If you can't figure out how to navigate on the (Norwegian) website, just send her a mail. The pattern is in Danish, though. I'm not sure this pattern even exists in English. Good luck!