23 January 2008

Sweater mojo, anyone?

I don't know what's really up with me knitwise. I feel like I'm enjoying my projects a lot, enjoying the time spent working on them, like I'm not striving to finish anytime soon. Still, when looking at the 2007 projects, one thing strikes me - the projects are all small. Kids wear or accessories. Not even one adult sized sweater last year. And now I'm finding myself at that very place again. I've finished one vest for my son (pics are coming!) and now baby stuff is on the needles. Two babies are expected mid February, and one in May, so at least I have an excuse there.

Why is this really a problem? So what if I am a product knitter, despite my attempts to describe myself as process oriented? Of course, it is about the products, finishing is of course fun, nothing wrong with that. But I have made sweaters before, and I have enjoyed it, too. Why this hesitation to start the sweaters I have already bought the yarn for, decided to make, looking forward to, why hesitate? Have no answer. I want to finish the baby vest I'm working on now, then a few baby hats, and then, maybe, I'll be starting on my husband's Urban Aran Cardigan.

By the way, I received an award from Galadriel. Even though I doubt the fact that my little blog can make anyone's day, I'm of course happy to be recognized, so thank you! And since there seem to be rules for what to do when receiving such an award, I'm now supposed to hand it over to bloggers out there which if not totally make my day, at least I appreciate!

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Terhi said...

Thank you so much, Tora! I hope you'll find your sweater mojo soon.