02 December 2007


A new hat for me! I’m so pleased with this one. I adore the color, which has always been one of my favorites. It’s made of two strands of alpaca held together, in two different shades of purple, one of them a little more pinkish than the other. I also like the shape. It got just as slouchy as I wanted it to be. The pattern is Estella by Ysolda, but in my opinion, this is definitely not any kind of star. At least my unblocked version reminds me of nothing but a starfish. So I'm heading towards winter with a starfish clinging to my head. Despite the starfish associations, this is a lovely hat to wear. It's warm, still airy due to the stitch pattern. Speaking of which I didn't really enjoyed working on. Ysolda's pattern worked out just fine, nothing wrong with it. But my pt needles - which otherwise are always my first choice -wasn't too good for this project. They just weren't sharp enough for exercising this particular stitch pattern. But now it's done, and I love it! As soon as the rain stops falling from the sky, I'll be proudly wearing it everywhere.

Starfish specs:
Pattern: Estella by Ysolda
Yarn: Sandnes Alpakka by Sandnesgarn and Inca Alpakka by Rauma held double.
Modifications: Since I have a slightly larger head than the 50 cm indicated as a standard for female heads (although I don't think I know a single grown up woman with such a small head..), I casted on a few more stitches than suggested by the pattern.

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Lise aka Pindsvinet said...

The hat is lovely. And the colour too :)