31 December 2007

Slouchy raisin

This was made as a Christmas present for a good friend of mine, and though we haven't yet got to meet to exchange presents, I'll present it for you, since I don't expect my friend to read this blog too often.

It's a Raisin/Estella hybrid, made with Raisin's lace pattern but Estella's slouchy hat shape. My friend loved my Starfish, so I made her a similar one, in her favorite color. To get just the perfect color, I mixed three different yarns. It's almost like painting with yarn, and I have found out I really enjoy working with colors like that.

Slouchy raisin specs:
Pattern: Raisin lace pattern combined with Estella's hat shape.
Yarn: Mirasol by Du store alpakka, Tynn alpakka by Du Store Alpakka and some unmarked left overs in blue, held triple.

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